As one of the oldest curry houses in Glasgow, Cafe India Merchant City, is going into the new year with a bang!

How did all this begin you might ask? With a lovely venue on North street, Charing Cross.

Known as the ‘best curry in Britain’, winning a total of 9 times, Cafe India was the place to be and also the place to spot big named celebs.

With the likes of Sean Connery, Tom Jones, Keanu Reeves and George Clooney dining, you just know it’s a not so hidden jewel of a place.

Unfortunately, our little restaurant was destroyed by a fire and our well known Hall of Fame went up in a cloud of smoke also. All of our precious pictures gone in an instant!

That is why we are determined to make our new home in the Merchant City just as, if not more so, dazzling.

Going forward we have so many plans, all designed to make your dining experience one to never forget.

We can’t wait to show you all our new, updated dining area and new menu. So keep your eyes peeled and we hope you join us soon!!